The 5 Worst Candies Your Kids Brought Home Last Night

Sweet & Sour Twizzlers

Terrible. Just terrible.

1. **Dubble Bubble – “Original” Flavor.** In an emergency, Original flavor Dubble Bubble can be used to patch bicycle tubes. Even worse, they were *right next* to the Green Apple and Grape flavors at the grocery store. C’mon, people!

1. **Spider-Man “Candy Sticks.”** These are [candy cigarettes]( that were discovered in a warehouse somewhere and repackaged to be politically correct. My children actually fought over the one box we received. Since I used the distraction to steal Fun-Size Snickers from their baskets, I didn’t stop them.

1. **Atomic Fireballs.** I love the taste, but I could do without the **adamantium-coating** and the mouthful of cinnamon-flavored saliva. Give me **Red Hots** any day. I bet dentists make a fortune off these things.

1. **Chocolate coins.** Do you know what I use these for? I tell my kids that they’re real coins and buy all their Butterfingers from them.

1. **Sweet & Sour Twizzlers.** Disgusting. Mushy on the inside, rubbery on the outside, with an absolutely horrible “sour” taste that wasn’t at all sweet. I took one bite and threw away the rest. It has to be a *really* bad piece of candy for me *not* to finish eating it. I have found loose Jelly Belly jelly beans under a couch cushion, and I’m not proud of the amount of self-discipline it required to throw them away.

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