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Project Management and Product Ownership: Online Design Tool


Role: Project Manager and Product Owner
Link: designer.organizedliving.com

Organized Living sought to create a new online design tool for its customers and dealers. We selected Differential as our development partner in the project. In my role as the project lead, I gathered all requirements for the design tool, managed Differential and our internal developers, conducted user interview and usability tests for the design tool, and successfully launched the design tool on time and on budget.

Project Management and UX Strategy: Dealer Extranet

Dealer Net

Role: Project Manager, UX Designer

To equip dealers with the tools and resources they need to grow their businesses, Organized Living redesigned its dealer extranet under my leadership. I brought together the company’s leadership, marketing teams, and developers to create a password-protected site where storage and organization dealers could download leads, marketing materials, product specs, and other resources.


Content Strategy: Emerging Scholars Blog

Emerging Scholars Blog

Role: Editor, Content Strategist, and Writer
Link: blog.emergingscholars.org

The Emerging Scholars Network had a national membership, but it needed an easier way to provide educational resources to its members and build connections between them. I developed the Emerging Scholars Blog in order to provide content to ESN members, as well as provide a place for online community to develop. In this case, the organization had a limited budget and needed a blog quickly, so I installed a premium WordPress theme with custom CSS.

Social Media: March Madness Tournament


Role: Content and Social Media Strategist, Blogger
Link: Best Christian Book Tournament

To increase website traffic and social media engagement for the Emerging Scholars Blog, I created a tournament of books to coincide with the 2013 March Madness. A few weeks before the launch of the tournament, I solicited book nominations on the blog, Facebook, and Twitter, and previewed the tournament with multiple posts on the blog. Through online voting on Facebook, blog readers chose the winner of each book pair The tournament, launched on March 19, 2013, and concluded on April 5, was a tremendous success. During the first three days of the tournament, web traffic on the blog increased between 300% and 500% each day, and daily web traffic remained 167% to 189% higher in the two weeks following the tournament. The post announcing the tournament on Facebook reached nearly 10 times the Page’s usual audience, and the Page’s Facebook Fans increased 15% over the two weeks of the tournament. The vast majority of this increased traffic was organic. A grand total of $15 was spent on paid promotions.

Social Media: 2012 Spelling Bee Speller Photos on Facebook

Spelling Bee Photos

Role: Social Media Strategist and Project Manager

To build excitement for the 2012 Scripps National Spelling Bee, I created a Facebook campaign to help fans of the Bee get to know the 2012 spellers. I emailed a PDF of the alphabet to all 2012 competitors, asking them to spell something with their friends and family — their favorite word, the name of their hometown, a special message — so that we could share it on Facebook. In addition, I coordinated with Scripps’ digital department and an outside social media firm to create several Facebook ads and targeted promotions during the months leading to the Bee. The results: significantly increased engagement during the pre-Spelling Bee timeframe and a 75% increase in the number of Facebook fans. Partly due to the increased social media presence, the 2012 Bee was the highest-rated spelling bee ever broadcast on ESPN.

Print Publication: 2012 Bee Week Guide

2012 Bee Week Guide

Role: Project Manager

I oversaw the creation of the official program guide of the 2012 Scripps National Spelling Bee, including managing a freelance designer to produce the visual design and collaborating with internal staff to develop the content. Content was created and styled using InDesign, using IDML to maintain consistency between the designer and my content. Biographical information for spelling bee competitors was generated using merged CSV data provided by competitors.

Project Management: InterVarsity MBA Ministry

MBA Ministry Website

Role: Project Manager
Link: mba.intervarsity.org

The business school division of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA was launching a new website and migrating its online content to Drupal, but no one on its staff had web design or web development experience. I served as project manager for the website redesign, acting as a liaison between the program staff, graphic designer, and web developer. I also developed the content structure for the new site in Drupal and oversaw the migration of the site’s content.

Email Marketing: Teacher’s Beehive

Teacher's Beehive

Role: Designer and Copywriter

The Scripps National Spelling Bee’s biweekly newsletter for teachers and school spelling bee sponsors had over 20,000 subscribers, but the design and content needed updating. In addition to revamping the design and providing a fresh revision of all content, I migrated the newsletter to MailChimp to provide easier content management and reporting.