God's Movement on Campus

There is good news on campus today.  Many Christian organizations have been called to minister in this area, to support and encourage Christian academics within the secular academy.  Listed below are ministries that work with college students and faculty.

For Students

  • Youth Transition Network – This organization partners with other campus ministries to help connect graduating high school seniors with Christian campus ministries.  Students and parents can search for ministries by college campus, Christian roommates, and other assistance for the transition to college.
  • National Association of Christian Campus Ministries -  A national network of Christian Church and Church of Christ college ministries.
  • InterVarsity Christian Fellowship – An interdenominational ministry that builds witnessing communities of students and faculty. Sponsors one of the largest mission conferences in the world, Urbana.
  • Campus Crusade for Christ – A large and diverse evangelical campus ministry.
  • Navigators – A ministry that works in many different contexts, including colleges, the military, prisons, and youth camps.
  • Coalition for Christian Outreach – A college ministry that began in Pennsylvania and now serves surrounding states.

For Faculty

  • Faculty Ministry – Since 1975, the Faculty Ministry of InterVarsity has been encouraging and equipping Christian scholars to flourish and be a redeeming influence among the people, ideas, and structures of higher education. Faculty Ministry supports witnessing communities of faculty at leading universities across the country, regional and national symposia, and resources for Christian faculty.
  • Faculty Commons – The faculty ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, CLM was founded in 1980 to reach professors who change the world. CLM offers a national faculty leadership conference, on-campus faculty fellowships, and support for Christian faculty.

Other College Ministries

  • The Veritas Forum – The Veritas Forum partners with local campus ministries to bring to campus high-profile Christian speakers, often college faculty themselves.  These events are usually combined with round-table discussions with local, nonChristian faculty, campus evangelism and outreach, and, in some cases, private meetings with academic departments.  Many of these Christian speakers are so well-respected in their academic disciplines, that the university itself will help pay for the expense of bringing to campus.
  • International Institute of Christian Studies – IICS places Christian professors at public universities around the world. Since 1986, IICS has placed professors in dozens of countries, including China, Afghanistan, Nigeria, the Czech Republic, and many other countries throughout the world.
  • The Emerging Scholars Network – Part of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s Faculty Ministry, the Emerging Scholars Network develops the next generation of Christian scholars to be a redeeming influence within higher education.  ESN’s twin goals are to increase the number of Christian professors on campus and to increase those professors’ impact on their students, colleagues, and disciplines. ESN’s vision is that, in 30 years, 20% of all professors at secular universities will be Christians who are a redeeming influence in higher education.

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