(Not) On the Road Again

I am home for a while, after three long road trips in three weeks.

  • At the end of February, I went to Nashville to see Kevin and Beth Line, some old friends from college (from the University of Louisville InterVarsity chapter, in fact!), meet some new friends from their church (Faith Church), and touch base with a few colleagues from InterVarsity.  Jason Ingalls, InterVarsity staff at Vanderbilt, has been doing some great work among grad students and faculty, and I got to meet with him and with a few of the emerging scholars he has gotten to know at Vandy.
  • At the beginning of March, I traveled to Chicago, and then on up to Madision, WI.  In Chicago, I was trained on InterVarsity’s website management system by Jon Boyd, who is also serving as conference director for Following Christ 2008.  Jon is a very busy person: his wife just gave birth to their second child.  I have recently taking over editing both the ESN and Faculty Ministry websites, and Jon was very gracious in opening his home to me and handing me the keys to the website.  I continued on up to Madison to introduce myself to some folks at InterVarsity’s National Service Center and visit with Rachel Bawden, our hard-working Operations Director for Faculty Ministry.
  • Finally, last week, I traveled back to the Chicago area for InterVarsity’s national conference from Graduate and Faculty Ministry.  We were treated to several great talks by Andy Crouch.  Andy is a writer, editor, and director of The Christian Vision Project, and he has some important things to say about Christians as cultivators and creators of culture.   He has a book coming out this fall which I am sure I will be recommending to many ESN members.  I also had the chance to see many of my InterVarsity colleagues and have several crucial conversations about moving ESN forward this year.

As part of our staff conference, many of the details of Following Christ 2008 (in which ESN will play a major part) were revealed.  I encourage you to check out the website and prayerfully consider coming and inviting friends you know who would benefit.

We also celebrated the ministry of Terry Morrison, director emeritus of Faculty Ministry, who is retired from InterVarsity after many decades of service as a student, professor of chemistry at Butler University, and longtime director of Faculty Ministry.  Terry played a small, but extraordinarily important part in my personal and professional development, which I will blog about later this week.

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