Blog Conference

Here’s a cool idea: host an online conference through cross-linking blogs, featuring “plenary posts” and official responses.  And, of course, unofficial responses through comments, trackbacks, etc. 

The 2nd Annual Karl Barth Blog Conference is kicking off, and I’m pleased to discover that one of my friends and InterVarsity colleagues, Jason Ingalls, is one of the official presenters. 

For those not familiar with 20th-century theology, Karl Barth was one of the most important theologians of the past 100 years, and perhaps one of the most important theologians of the past 1,000 years.  Shortly after I became a Christian, I was looking through the University of Louisville library for good books of Christian theology, and I checked out Barth’s commentary, The Epistle to the Romans.  My InterVarsity mentor laughed when I told him what book I was going to read.  I soon found out why: I could barely make it through the first page!  I’ve not returned to Barth since then, but perhaps this conference will be a good excuse. 

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