College 101

Keeping Your Faith in College

A workshop for parents and students

College can be a difficult time spiritually for many Christian students. One recent study found that only 20% of evangelical Christian teens are still actively involved in church by the age of 30. Another study has found that an astounding 53% of college professors have “unfavorable feelings” toward evangelical Christians. It’s no surprise that many parents and churches send their young people to college with a mix of hope and anxiety.

This workshop will be perfect for those interested in:

  • growing closer to God during the college years
  • defending your faith against common attacks
  • getting the most out of your college experience

The seminar will also recommend further resources for college students, such as books, websites, and blogs that promote Christian thought and practice.

If you would like to schedule me to speak to your church or ministry, or if you’d like more information, please contact me.

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