Hire Me

Did you know that I build and maintain websites? If you’re interested in hiring me to build a website for you, check out my business website, Penman Press.

The websites in the first row below were built from the ground up using WordPress and customized themes. The second row are websites that I edit and maintain for InterVarsity, using IV’s in-house CMS, Textile, and HTML. Click on any image below to see a larger version.

About the Sites I Built

Little Songbird Music Studio – My wife’s Musikgarten business. Built with WordPress and a customized version of the New Church premium theme from Organized Themes. Includes some simple e-commerce, as well as email newsletter subscription form and embedded Google calendar.

Florence Music Academy – Another site built for my wife, this time for the building where she teaches. Another customized theme from Organized Themes, Media Theme.

Renewing the Source – A simple site for InterVarsity Faculty Ministry’s fundraising campaign using Chris Pearson’s Neoclassical theme. Designed to give potential donors a clear, concise resource for making their giving decision.

Emerging Scholars Blog – My primary blog in terms of output. Uses the Journalist theme to focus on the content with minimal distractions.

About the Sites I Edit – The website for InterVarsity’s Emerging Scholars Network. Publishes resources, news, and events for undergraduates, graduate students, and junior faculty pursuing academic vocations. I oversee new content and basic design using InterVarsity’s in-house CMS. – The website for InterVarsity’s Faculty Ministry. I designed the new home page for Faculty Ministry, and, with my colleague Tom Trevethan, edit content – resources and articles for Christian faculty, mostly working in secular universities.