When the Rain Comes In

rain or shineOkay – cheesy illustration time. This morning, I checked the forecast and saw that thunderstorms are predicted through next Monday (I’m writing this on Tuesday morning). We’ve been extremely busy the past week, I haven’t had a chance to mow our lawn, and the grass was starting to resemble the Amazon. To make matters worse, both of our neighbors just cut their grass with professional-grade mowers, giving them that super-clean, striped look like a Major League ballpark. To make matters even worse, my boss is coming to visit me this week, and I want to make a good impression, since he hasn’t seen our new house yet.

There wasn’t time to mow the whole yard, so I made an executive decision to mow just the front lawn. So there I am, mowing my front lawn at 8:15 in the morning, with storm clouds moving in, knowing full well that my back yard looks horrible, with no plans to even attempt to clean it up for at least a week.

So, here’s the cheesy illustration: what’s your front lawn? When the storms of life move in, what do you rush to make presentable (or presentable enough compared to everyone around you)? What’s your back yard? What do you ignore because, even though it’s just as important and looks even worse, only you and your family can see it?

Photo: Ben McLoed, via Flickr

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