More free books? No – free hymns!

In my post about free books, I mentioned the incredible Christian Classics Ethereal Library, which offers thousands of public domain versions of Christian writings from the early church up through the 19th century. Here’s another great resource: the CCEL is collaborating with the Calvin Institute for Worship to offer the Calvin Hymnary Project, with full or partial texts of over 14,000 hymns, over 7,000 hymn tunes, 27 complete hymnals…I could go on, because I’m pretty excited about hymns.  Here’s just one cool item: the complete text and tunes of the influential shape-note hymnal, William Walker’s Southern Harmony , an 1835 hymnal that became one of the most important hymnals of the American Southern church (and which was sung from at the annual Big Singing in my hometown of Benton, KY.)  If you know the hymn “What Wondrous Love is This,” then you know Southern Harmony.  

I’m a nut about hymns and hymnals, but this is a great resource for any Christian whose looking for a particular hymn, or even just wanting to explore the great tradition of hymns. 

Link: The Calvin Hymnary Project

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