ESN Makes the News!

The good work of my InterVarsity colleague (and fellow ESN blogger) Tom Grosh has been recognized by his local paper. Tom is hosting an Emerging Scholars Network event later this month, “The Sociology of Faith,” featuring Christian college professor Donald Kraybill of Elizabethtown College. Kraybill will draw upon his academic expertise as a scholar of Amish culture, as well as his personal experiences, in discussing the impact of Christian faith on one’s work and study.

“Each academic discipline raises different questions for (Christians who are involved in those disciplines),” he explained. “I’ll be talking about some of the issues I’ve struggled with as a Christian and as a sociologist (and about) the ways that I, as a Christian, can teach sociology.” He added that he will focus on ways that individuals can work through issues such as the ones he experienced.

Pray for Tom as he finishes organizing this event. Pray, too, for the students, faculty, and church members who will attend the event and for Donald Kraybill as he prepares his talk.

Also, read Tom’s latest post on the ESN blog, What are you picking up for Lent? We’re used to the idea of giving up something to grow closer to God, whether for Lent or some other reason, but what about adding something to our lives?