John Russell, Senior Minister (Ret.), Lakeside Christian Church:
John Russell

In the day when the world needs the church’s salt and light desperately, I am pleased that a program like the Emerging Scholars Network is encouraging Christian scholarship and incursion into academia. And I am especially pleased that a young man with both the expertise and character like Mike Hickerson is engaged in promoting the program. Mike has an irenic spirit coupled with fervency for truth and higher education. I highly recommend him for your consideration and support so we can assure that in the future our salt stays ‘salty’ and the light shines clearly in a culture needing both.

Maxine Hancock

Maxine Hancock, Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies & Spiritual Theology, Regent College:

What I particularly like about Micheal is his quiet self-presentation that allows his intelligence and creativity to speak for themselves. He is very good at what he turns his hand to–and is quite unusual in being able to be a poet, an editor, a fundraiser, and an administrator. He brings intelligence, the focused ability to accomplish tasks, and personal maturity to his new role with the Emerging Scholars Network.

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