About Me

I help organizations engage their clients, employees, and stakeholders.

What I Can Do

  • Identify and research key audiences
  • Refine core messages and create memorable language
  • Develop effective communications strategies for multiple platforms (e.g. social media, email, presentations, brochures)
  • Unify messages across web, print, and in-person communications
  • Connect messages to the organization’s central purpose
  • Monitor and improve communications performance
  • Recommend the best technologies for the organization’s communication needs and training staff to use them well
  • Design compelling online, print, and direct communications


  • Content strategy
  • Community building (online and in-person)
  • Social media strategy
  • Presentation development
  • Website and email design

Some Things I’ve Done

  • Launched the Emerging Scholars Blog to connect students and faculty with resources for their professional and spiritual development.
  • Managed media relations for a weeklong international event covered by more than 180 print, television, and online journalists.
  • Written an External Climate Study on trends in higher education for InterVarsity’s Board of Trustees.
  • Led the establishment of a 501(c)(3) educational foundation.
  • Created social media strategies for nonprofit and educational organizations.
  • Designed and launched websites for small businesses and nonprofit organizations using both WordPress and Drupal.
  • Created a seminar curriculum to help undergraduates prepare for graduate school.
  • Designed and published email newsletters for students, teachers, university faculty, donors, and nonprofit organizations.

Visit my portfolio for more details.

Past Positions

My wife, our three children, and I live in Northern Kentucky.

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