How to Ban Someone from Your Facebook Page

This morning, I discovered that a rather inappropriate Facebook Page had “Liked” the Emerging Scholars Network Facebook Page and was starting to “Like” posts. I figure it was only a matter of time before they started making comments or adding Wall comments to draw attention to themselves. I was able to ban them permanently from our Page, but it wasn’t an obvious process, so I thought it might be helpful to others to post instructions. Step-by-step instruction (with pictures!) follow below. 

  1. First, I switched to “Use Facebook as Emerging Scholars Network.” If you’re the admin of a Page, you will see a similar option in the right sidebar.

    Page Admins can choose to use Facebook as their Page, gaining special powers in the process!

  2. Next, I selected the Friends/Fans icon in the upper left corner. Click “See All.”

    That little silhouette is the list of your fans. Your Fans list used to be easier to find.

  3. Since this was a Page, I filtered the Fans by Pages.

    There doesn't seem to be a Search function, unfortunately.

  4. Click the X to remove them as a Fan, making sure that you check “ban permanently”as an option.

    Ban User Dialogue Box

    "Ban permanently" is a good option to choose!

  5. There is no Step 5.

That’s it! I hope you find this useful. Unfortunately, I’m not sure how to search Fans other than scrolling through the whole list of them. If you have a large number of Fans, this might be difficult. If the person has recently joined or had activity on your Page, then that will make it easier to find them. If they aren’t active and you can’t find them in your list of Fans, then perhaps you’ll be lucky and no one will notice.

Like I said, this process was far from obvious, and there might be an easier way. If you know a better or different way, please tell me in the comments. Thanks!

Note: These instructions apply only to Facebook Pages (i.e. for businesses, nonprofits, clubs, causes, etc.). If you need to block someone from your personal Facebook account, see this article from Facebook.

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