Wicca and Paganism

These final two presentations from class are both quite a bit shorter. The first – Wicca and Paganism. Wicca and Paganism is a small but growing segment within America. The Pew Religious Landscape Survey found that about 1.2% of Americans belong to “Other Faiths,” with 0.4% belonging to (in their description) “New Age” faiths including Wicca and Paganism. (I would classify “New Age” a bit differently, but it wasn’t my survey.)

If you’d like an insider’s perspective on the world of Wicca and Paganism, check out The Wild Hunt. It’s a blog that covers news stories about Wicca, Paganism, and other alternative religions.


Here is my Wicca and Paganism Fact Sheet. My presentation is below the jump.


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