Somehow, I Don't Expect Much from Religulous

Comedian Bill Maher has a new movie coming out called “Religulous,” in which he mocks Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, and attempts to encourage religious skepticism. The brief previews I’ve seen don’t look promising, and a story I read today has lowered my expectations further. The movie is produced by both Maher and Larry Charles, who also directed that model of cultural sensitivity, Borat.

Here’s Charles on religion, as quoted by the AP:

“If I believe that Jesus is God and you believe Mohammed is God, then no matter how tolerant we are, we are never going to meet,” Charles said.

Charles then goes on to conclude that religious violence between Christians and Muslims is therefore inevitable.

Except, um, Mr. Charles, Muslims don’t believe that Mohammed is God. And this is a guy who has spent the last year making a movie about Islam. Perhaps he needs to take my world religions class before making his next film.

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