Leaders Who Are Readers

There is a nice article today on the InterVarsity website about InterVarsity’s commitment to discipleship of the mind and the importance of reading to both mental and spiritual development: Leaders Who Are Readers.  It discusses a little bit of InterVarsity’s history with books and reading, including the formation of InterVarsity Press, our ministry’s publishing arm.

Here is an example from the article showing reading in action within campus ministry:

“To encourage reading in the InterVarsity chapter on campus, I have required reading that all student leaders must complete in discipleship each semester and over the summer. The Leadership Team is reading A Long Obedience in the Same Direction: Discipleship in an Instant Society by Eugene Peterson, (InterVarsity Press),” said Tim Borgstrom, campus staff member at the University of Wisconsin—Madison.

I am encouraged by hearing this.  Peterson was a strong influence in my early Christian formation, and, along with J. I. Packer, was one of two authors that led me to consider Regent College for graduate school.

One final note about InterVarsity and reading: the first time I ever considered joining InterVarsity staff was when I discovered that staff received a discount on IVP books.  InterVarsity has an “auto-ship” program by which staff can elect to have every book published by IVP sent directly to them (you can also choose to receive a “best of” selection or only academic and reference books).  I was at our staff David McNeill’s house, and he opened up a box simply stuffed with brand-new books – I think Philip Johnson’s Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds was included.  Soon, however, I came to see that a desire to get a great discount on books was not a good reason to enter campus ministry.

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