OneManOffice: Ta-da Lists

Just a quick post in my continuing series of free (or cheap) and useful services for your one-person home office. 

Ta-da Lists, by 37signals, is a 100% free list service.  If you can list it, you can put it on Ta-da Lists: to-do items, shopping lists, things to pack, etc. It’s very simple to use, which is one of my primary concerns with software like this.  I’m not talking rocket science here – I just want to make a list! 

Some screen shots after the jump.

First, the overview screen.  The bigger the dot in front of the list, the more uncompleted items you have. Nice.

Ta-Da Lists

Here’s what an individual list looks like. 

Shopping List

To be completely honest, I stopped using Ta-sa Lists a while back, because I started keeping my to-do lists in another application.  But a new feature brought me back: Ta-da Lists for the iPhone.  I LOVE keeping my shopping lists all in one place. 

Here’s the iPhone list in action:

Ta-Da Lists on my iPhone

Nice. And free.  Which is nice. 


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