The Yoke of Jesus

But not the one you think.  From Os Guiness’ The Call:

In the second century, Christian apologist Justin Martyr grew up over the hill from Galilee. Interestingly, he notes that the plows made by Joseph and Jesus were still being used widely in his day. How intriguing to think of Jesus’ plow rather than his cross — to wonder what it was that made his plows and yokes last and stand out.

Isn’t this an amazing thought – owning and using a plow made by Jesus? Justin Martyr was born early in the second century (Wikipedia says AD 100, the intro to his writings in the AnteNicene Fathers says AD 110).  The plows of Jesus and Joseph, then, were still in use nearly a century after they were made.

Today, I was staining a cabinet.  I wasn’t very good at it.  Though I often think that I like woodworking, whenever I try some project, I remember that I’m not very good at it. Jesus was good at being a carpenter. He was good at his job – superior, in fact. And I bet he enjoyed it, too.

Will our work survive a century? Can we be as dedicated to our daily calling as Jesus was at his?

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