Quick Updates

DSC00684.jpgIn October, I went to Los Angeles (specifically, IVCF’s Campus-by-the-Sea) for a Faculty Ministry Leadership Team meeting, and much busyness has occupied my time since then. A few quick updates:

DSC00817.jpg 1) For Halloween, Agatha was Little Red Riding Hood and Ginger was the Big Bad Wolf. Thus, it follows that I was the Woodcutter and Elizabeth was Grandma. Needless to say, we were a huge hit.

2) We have sold our house at 29 Clay St. (though we have occupancy until the end of the year), and we are now looking for a new home in Northern Kentucky that will accommodate our growing family, my work-from-home situation, and our values (community, hospitality, missional family life). Elizabeth is growing tired of my pipe-dream of building a small backyard studio for a home office.

3) I purchased a new Macbook, on which I am writing this blog post. Ever since my Commodore 64 gave up the ghost, I have been a PC user. So far, it has been revelation, with only a few hiccups (thanks to Paul for helping me get my Macbook to communicate with my church’s projector at the National Missionary Convention!). I have been relearning all of the shortcuts and hotkeys that I used without thinking, and I’ve been exploring the new world of software available to me. (I’m writing this on MarsEdit, for instance.)

4) In all of my spare time, I have taken up fantasy basketball. I am far more disappointed than I ever imagined I would be that Gilbert Arenas is out 3 months with a bum knee.

5) Our 4-year-old Agatha is becoming quite a shutterbug.



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