September 11

Six years ago yesterday, I met Debbie Erickson on the way to our first Hebrew class of the year at Regent College. We were both biking down University Drive at about 7:30 am PST. “Have you heard?” Debbie asked me. By that time, both towers have come down. Because I had not turned on a TV or radio that morning, this is the first time I’ve heard about anything. We continue on to class.

That Tuesday was the first “real” day of class that semester. Tuesdays are the day for chapel and the massive communal meal simply called “Soup,” when about 300 members of the Regent community sing, pray, and worship together, then enjoy military-size pots of soup. That Tuesday was also the first official day of my role as editor of the school newspaper.

Four years ago yesterday, Elizabeth gave birth to our first daughter, Agatha, exactly on her due date. In addition to remembrances of “the” 9/11, the news stations on TV were showing this ridiculous video all day long:

What a world.

3 thoughts on “September 11

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