Micheal is an experienced Christian teacher of both adults and youth. Classes available include:

World Religions

Our nation and world is rich in religious diversity, but it can be difficult to learn where a religion came from and what its followers believe. Micheal’s focus in this class is to seek understanding of the religious beliefs of neighbors and to present each religion with respect. Religions covered include Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Mormonism, Wicca, Paganism, and Scientology. Additional religions can be included on request. (8 week series) Learn more

College 101

A workshop for parents and students to help them prepare for college. This workshop comes in two editions: “Keeping Your Faith in College,” a practical workshop designed to help students grow spiritually during the college years; and “The Climate for Christians on Campus,” an overview of current trends in the university world. Learn more

Coming Attractions

Much of the future is unknown, but the Bible tells us there are some certainties that we can expect: death, heaven, hell, the Second Coming of Christ, resurrection, a new heaven and new earth. What does our culture believe about these events, and what does the Bible teach? (6 week series)

The Miracles of Jesus

Using clips from the critically acclaimed film, The Gospel of John, we will look at the seven miracles of Jesus that his disciple John thought most important, and discuss why they are significant to our understanding of Jesus. (8 week series)

How to Read the Bible

Reading seems like such a simple act, but it doesn’t take long to see that reading the Bible can lead to a wide variety of interpretations and controversies. How can we read the Bible so that we’re sure we understand what it says? More importantly, how can we read the Bible so that it changes our life? (6 week series)

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