Micheal is available for speaking to churches, college groups, and other organizations.  Topics of his prepared talks include:

Redeeming the Secular University – The influence of secular universities in the U.S. and the world is undeniable, yet this influence – especially their spiritual influence – does not always seems positive.  What is the Christian’s role in higher education, and how can we be “redeeming influences” on campus?

Christian Calling in the Marketplace – Many of us feel like we have missed our “calling,” but what does that even mean in today’s marketplace?  Learn about God’s call on your life and how that impacts your day-to-day work. Click here to download a one-page of Micheal’s presentation.

Serving Christ as a Professor: Ten Things You Need to Know – For students.  If you feel like becoming a professor might be the career path for you, here are some practical and spiritual things that you need to know.